3 Tips to Boost Your Small Business Marketing Strategy

Gaining the courage, the finances, the preparation, and the perseverance to start your own small business is only half the battle.  Once you take the leap to go out on your own, you can’t just expect new customers or clients to come streaming your way.  That is why taking strides to market your small business is so important! Very few small businesses can succeed if no one knows about them.  Here are just a few short and inexpensive tips to help get you started with small business marketing, or help you rethink your marketing strategy if you’ve been at the game for quite some time.

  1. Have a business website.  It is getting easier and easier these days to build your own website.  There are countless websites that provide templates you can purchase (for less than $100) along with a domain and customize to fit your specific needs. If you already have a website, make sure it is up-to-date! An outdated website is a useless website. If your website is updated and has been running for quite some time, make sure you put up fresh content to boost your SEO and search rankings.  Looking for ways to get more traffic to your website? Here is a helpful article with several simple strategies you can use to get more feet through the “virtual door.”
  2. Use word of mouth to spread the news about your business.  Get involved in some local business or professional organizations where you think your target market may be. Invest in some business cards to hand out to new people you meet.  If those you meet can’t benefit from your goods or services, more than likely they will know someone who can.  Exposure is key! You can also contact your local newspaper or magazine to explore ways you can gain a little PR by writing an article for them or introducing your new business to their readership.  Need some more ideas? Here is an article from the SBA on how to spread word of mouth about your business.
  3. Set up a great referral program.  If there is a way you can reward loyal customers and encourage them to share your business with their friends, find a way to do so.  Here is a detailed article from inc.com on developing the referral process and how to do so in a tactful way that won’t scare off or offend your existing customers.

How can you use these marketing tips to take your business to the next level?