5 Online Resources for Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners

Being an entrepreneur or a small business owner can be challenging.  Not only can it be long hours, but you  are exposed to so many different aspects of business- loans, legal issues, tax issues, marketing, etc.- that sometimes it is hard to know even where to start.  In fact, it’s overwhelming to think about all the ingredients that go into making a successful business.

The good news is that there is an abundance of online resources ready for you to use.  Here we have just a few listed that can help you in a number of different ways and save you time.

1. Entrepreneur.com – A great place to start that is loaded with all kinds of advice from how to write a business plan, to giving you daily tips and motivation from those who have already been there.

2. Sba.gov – Filled with tons of resources, sba.gov will help educate you on the basics of starting a business, learn about business financing, and even provide online courses you can take that covers all aspects of small business.

3. Small Business & Technology Development Centers – (find yours by state) offers loads of online resources, but if you are lucky enough to have a center in your city, it is a great place to go for personal help with launching a small business.

4. Hootsuite.com – Depending on what plan you choose, it is a free (or inexpensive) way to manage all of your business’ social media profiles in one place.  It will save you tons of time with the ability to schedule posts and sharing your business information.

5. IRS.gov –  The IRS website has a multitude of information for anything related to your small business taxes.