5 Tips On How To Stay Focused in Your Office

Whether you work from home, or have a designated office space outside of your home, it can be hard to stay focused and productive throughout the work day.  Here are just a few tips we wanted to share with you to help you maximize your productivity!

1. Drink some coffee or tea in the morning- A little caffeine before lunch will help you wake up, stay alert, and increase your ability to focus.  Don’t drink too much though! Four or more cups of coffee can have the opposite effect, making you jittery and scatterbrained, and even be a source for an upset stomach.

2. Turn off your social media notifications on your computer or mobile device- there’s no easier way to get distracted from your work day than to be bombarded by notifications from social media.  Removing your notifications will also help reduce the temptation to waste time browsing on those same sites.   Designate a time before or after work to catch up on your social media updates.

3. Set aside specific times in your day to open and answer email-  Like social media, email can also provide a constant stream of incoming notifications that can distract you from other areas of work.  If your emails typically aren’t pressing, commit to checking your inbox every half hour, hour, or two hours depending on your job or type of work.  Otherwise you may find yourself answering emails all day!

4. Exercise regularly- Did you know that regular exercise can increase your ability to focus? Not only is exercise great for your heart and waistline, it helps to keep you more alert, sharp, and it even increases your memory and boosts your mood. What a bang for your buck! See this article for a bit more information on this tip- http://www.webmd.com/fitness-exercise/train-your-brain-with-exercise

5. Make a to-do list and prioritize-  To-do lists help you stay focused on the things that matter and they will keep you from forgetting all of the tasks you may need to complete. They will also help you with your time-management.

What other tips do you have to stay focused in your work space?