Client Feature: The Better Business Bureau

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The Mid Missouri BBB has been a Buttonwood Business Center client since 2010.  We are a branch office of the BBB serving Eastern Missouri and Southern Illinois based in St. Louis, Missouri.  Our mission in the 13 counties we serve in Mid Missouri is to help make the entire region a better place by encouraging positive, ethical business practices.  The folks at the Buttonwood Business Center play an important role in that with their support services and friendly, professional staff.

Originally called “Vigilance Committees”, the first BBBs were established in the early 1900’s and were part of Advertising Clubs of America.  Its goal was to correct advertising abuses and worked to create self-regulatory standards in the advertising industry.  In response to marketplace demands, BBBs quickly expanded to monitor business performance and provide consumers with vital information to avoid pitfalls of the marketplace.

The Mid Missouri BBB is one of 112 independent BBBs located throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.  We are a private, non-profit association of business and our vision is to create and maintain an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers can trust each other.  It does so by providing the following information and services to consumers and businesses:

  • BBB Business Reviews – Information on a business’s performance in the marketplace.
  • BBB Wise Giving Guide – Information on charities and other soliciting nonprofits that seek public donations.
  • Fighting Fraud – Issue press releases to warn the public about current marketplace scams and frauds.
  • Request a Quote – A way for consumers online to request information, a bid or an estimate for services or products they want to purchase.
  • Business Ethics – Promote truthful, accurate advertising and selling practices, both online and other forms of advertising, by monitoring and seeking appropriate corrections.

There are many other benefits we offer to both businesses and consumers.  All BBB services to consumers are free of charge.  BBB provides objective advice, free business and charity reviews, dispute resolution services, alerts and educational information on topics affecting marketplace trust.

MikeMike Harrison is the Regional Director for the Mid Missouri BBB.  He works with the local media (TV, radio, newspapers) to help educate consumers and businesses on best practices, educational information, local and national scams, etc.  Mike is available for BBB speeches and presentations to various organizations in Mid Missouri.  He is involved in local Chambers of Commerce and is a member of the NW Rotary Club in Columbia.  BBB also hosts community outreach events and programs throughout the year.

Duane Carroll PicDuane Carroll is the Business Relations Representative for the Mid Missouri BBB.  He determines the eligibility of potential new accreditations for businesses and extends invitations for BBB Accreditation to those companies who meet BBB standards.  Duane helps explain BBB Accreditation benefits to companies, answers questions and concerns and helps with their application and Accreditation Investment.  He provides high quality service at all times.

The Mid Missouri BBB can be contacted via email at or by phone at 573-886-8965.