Coffee Shop vs. Virtual Office

So I got to thinking today… I wonder what the cost comparison is between working at a coffee shop and having a virtual office plan instead.  Most people are under the impression that working at a coffee shop is a free endeavor.  But they are in denial.  Think about it.  If you go to a coffee shop, you usually feel guilty about using their free wi-fi.  So,  you go buy a coffee.  It could be a simple cup of black java, or you could get a fancy sort of sugary latte.  There’s anywhere between $2 and $5-$6. Let’s say you end up working there longer than you think… It’s approaching lunch time.   Man, all that hard work is sure making you hungry! Time to order something.  There’s another $7-$10. Gosh, this project is taking longer than I thought.  I’m going to need a snack.  Another $2-$3 for that tasty bakery item in the afternoon.  By the time you walk about of there, you will have spent anywhere between $10-$20ish. Say you do this about 5 days a week.  You could easily end up spending anywhere between $200-$400 a month! Wow.  That’s what I call NOT FREE.  So much for your “Cheap” place to work! So, how about you explore our virtual offices? You get so much more for about the same or less than you are paying for your “Cheap” place to work.  I created a little info graphic too help walk you through my thought process. I hope you enjoy!

VO infographic pic2