Columbia, MO Office Space- The Buttonwood Business Center Advantage

Are you a small business owner looking for office space to rent in Columbia, MO?  You have come to the right place! The Buttonwood Business Center has many advantages over traditional office space.  Here are just a few examples:

1. Your monthly rent agreement is all-inclusive.  You don’t have to worry about scheduling or contracting separate providers for your internet, paper shredding, custodial services, or telephone answering service.  You may find an office to have “cheaper” rent, but by the time you add all the amenities and must haves, it ends up being far more expensive.

2. Use our receptionist as your own.  Save money on overhead by using our receptionist to answer your telephone calls in your company name.  You get all the benefits of having a receptionist without worrying about doing your own hiring, payroll, or providing benefits.

3. Have access to meeting rooms or conference rooms when you need to meet with clients or colleagues.  You don’t have to worry about providing your own professional meeting room equipment or technology for presentations.  We already have you covered!

4.  We can grow with your small business. If you need more than one office, we may just be able to accommodate another office for you, depending on our vacancies.

5.  We have free and plentiful parking.  Take the hassle of parking out of the equation by not having to worry about paying for the meter or running late because you couldn’t find a nearby place to park.

These are just a few reasons why the Buttonwood Business Center provides an advantage in office space for rent in Columbia.  Would you come take a tour? Call us today at 573-886-8900 or inquire right here on our website.