How a Virtual Assistant Could Be the Next Best Thing For Your Start-up Business.

Are you currently a small business entrepreneur working solo?  Do you dream of expanding your business and one day opening an office located outside your home or your local coffee shop? There could be one simple change to help grow your business to get to that point: Hire a freelance virtual assistant.  You may be thinking… “but I can’t afford to pay anyone else right now!” Give me just a few minutes to convince you.

Are you currently completing time sucking tasks such as inventory, billing, accounting, advertising, etc. that you don’t necessarily love to do and is keeping you from networking and using your time to focus on the big picture of your business? If you are, you might find your business is in “maintenance” mode or at a stand-still.  These tasks are necessary to your business, but you could be spending your valuable time doing so many other things to grow your business! If you find day after day that your time is filled by these tasks and you’re left at the end of the day feeling too tired to innovate for your business, it may be time to look into a virtual assistant.

The great thing about virtual assistants is that you only pay them by the hour for tasks you want them to complete.  There is no long term commitment.  In other words, you don’t have to worry about paying them for vacation or sick days or providing them benefits.  Think about it.  A virtual assistant may just be the next best thing for you and your business.