Inspirational Words from CrossFit Audacity Business Owner

There is a new CrossFit gym opening here in Columbia called CrossFit Audacity.  Jack Jones, the business owner of CrossFit Audacity, shared with us some very inspirational words for all of you dreaming about starting a business.

“Held the first class at CrossFit Audacity tonight and wow – so many unexpected life lessons! All day as 5:30 approached I kept having random reasons why I should cancel tonight’s first class: the floor wasn’t clean enough, they didn’t get the toilets put back, I wasn’t able to get our billing system set up… on and on and on.

And a year ago I would have definitely cancelled. All the reasons were legitimate. They could have been justified. People would have understood. And I think that’s why most of my big ideas have fizzled out. When it actually came time to take action I would let the fear of failure stop me from taking that final, crucial step.

Now I see that these little decisions make all the difference between success and failure.

I’m so glad I went ahead with the class despite not being perfectly prepared. It was awesome. Everyone was so nice. We had a blast with dodgeball. Learned incredibly valuable lessons and tomorrow is going to be a little less scary. I’ll be a little better prepared. The class will go a bit smoother. And that’s all that needs to happen – get a little better, one step at a time.

If there’s something you’ve been wanting to do – go do it! Don’t put it off! There will never be the perfect time. You’ll never be prepared enough.

The motto of the British SAS is: ‘Who dares, wins.’ Be the one who dares. Dare greatly. Take risks. Be bold. Audacity: ‘The willingness to take great risk.’”

Thank you Jack Jones for sharing your inspiring words with us!