Networking in Executive Offices or Shared Office Space


Getting your business name out into the business community can be a difficult thing if you are a start-up, small business, or working remotely from home.  Marketing and networking take time and intentionality. Luckily, there is one easy way to network and get to know other businesses in your local business community: through a business center or shared office space. The Executive Office Suites at Buttonwood Business Center instantly places your business in a community of other businesses that your business could benefit from.

Jeffrey Landers discusses the networking aspect of shared office spaces in his book The Home Office From Hell Cure. He states “ Sharing space also allows you to network and share resources… Your jewelry design business might really benefit from that advertising agency just next door, and who knows how that accountant could end up saving you thousands of dollars in taxes next year.  Shared space is also great if you are not a natural networker.  It is a natural and comfortable way to meet people and make connections.”

If you are currently working from home and considering making the jump to an Executive Office Suite, consider the great benefit of networking and how it could positively impact your business.  Let us help you explore your options at Buttonwood Business Center. If you are already in an Executive Office Suite and are currently not taking advantage of the networking possibilities, we challenge you to do so! Meet your office suite neighbors.  Throw a party or social in the meeting room.  Get to know your neighbors and learn how you could do something nice for them: make a referral, get them a good deal on office supplies, etc. The possibilities are endless. And in the end, your business will certainly benefit.