Places you should never meet your clients (if you are a home-based business)

As a home based business, you do not have the luxury of an on-site conference room or high end office to meet with your clients like you may have had in the corporate world.  A lot of home-based businesses try to find inexpensive places to meet with their clients… And rightly so: they are, after all, still a start-up and don’t have a whole lot of extra cash flowing about. Does Starbucks, the local library, or even your living room ring a bell?

While those places may be cheap, they do not exactly scream professionalism like you may want to portray to a client you are trying to do business with.  First impressions make a difference, even if you think you have the sympathy of your potential client for wanting to go cheap.  There are other alternatives.

Business centers or executive offices usually offer conference rooms that can be rented hourly for a reasonable rate.  Here are some great things about this:

1. You can have the privacy you need to meet with your client without worrying if the people sitting a foot away from you are eavesdropping.

2. You can rent these rooms as needed.  So, you aren’t strapped to an expensive lease if you don’t want or need it.

3. You get the professional image you are looking for that Starbucks doesn’t necessarily portray.

4. These rooms are usually equipped with state-of-the-art technology so giving presentations is a breeze and looks classy.

5. Rentable meeting rooms makes your business feel bigger so potential clients are more likely to do business with you.

With these benefits, who could resist the wonders a professional meeting room could do for their business?