Recovering From the Late Summer Slump & Getting Back On Track for Fall: 6 tips to get you motivated

Recovering From the-3

What is your slowest time of year? Is it fall when school goes back in session? Is it the summer months when it seems that all you and everyone else wants to do is stay inside and beat the heat? Maybe it’s the holidays?  Or maybe you remain busy throughout the year, but you just feel bored despite all the hustle and bustle that is going on around you.  Whatever the case may be, we all may find ourselves in seasons where work may be slow, we are bored, or there just isn’t anything new happening.  How do you stay motivated in these seasons? Here are some easy tips to help you get out of your slump.

  1. Count your blessings- Remind yourself of all the great things you have going on, though slow, boring or old they may be.
  2. Innovate- How can you change things up and shake some excitement into your job, career, or business? Dare to dream a little. Is there a new product or service you have been wanting to offer? Is there a charitable organization you’d like to get involved with? Is it time to expand your business?
  3. Change up your daily routine- doing the same thing every day can get old for just about anybody.  Try switching up your routine a little, even if it’s just a small thing to make your day more exciting.
  4. Treat yourself- When was the last time you treated yourself? Take a day off, purchase that gadget you’ve been eyeing for a while, take a break and go get that ice cream you’ve been craving.  Whatever it may be, take a little time to spend on you.
  5. Remind yourself the reason why- Why did you start your business? Why did you take that job?
  6. Look retrospectively and see the progress you have made in the last year. Or if you haven’t made progress, begin thinking about how you can change that.

Hopefully through these tips, you can get yourself back on track and motivated to tackle what lies ahead.