Small Business Blogging

You know you have heard it before.  Blogging for your small business can be very valuable.  But as a small business owner or operator, we probably know what your thinking.

1. I don’t have time

2. I don’t know where to start

3. Nobody would want to read my blog posts

4. I have nothing valuable to offer readers

Your doubts about blogging are very understandable.  Small business owners are under a lot of pressure, seemingly working around the clock and busy just trying to stay a-float of typical daily tasks.

However, you should reconsider. There are some incredibly convincing arguments as to why you should start a blog, even if it simply improves your search engine rankings. Here is an incredibly helpful article on why small businesses should start and maintain a blog.  Dan Wang from the Shopify blog says it much better than we ever could.  Can we get you to change your mind?

Copy and paste this link into your internet browser to view this great article.