Stay on Track This Summer!

Summer is upon us already.  School is out, the weather is getting warmer, the sunshine is beautiful and the pool, golf course, or vacation (or any combination of those) are calling your name.  How is anyone supposed to stay productive throughout the summer with so many fun possibilities waiting to be had? Here are just a few basic tips to help keep you on track during the summer months.

  1. Make lists and prioritize them- Remember to tend to the most pressing items first so you don’t have to worry about them later (or before it’s too late).
  2. Set goals weekly and monthly- similar to to-do lists but a bit loftier than your normal daily task list.  What goals can you make for yourself to keep your eyes focused on something greater throughout the week or month? Don’t fall into the summer slump and just aim for the status quo.
  3. Make time to do fun things, even if that means you have to put it on the calendar. Carve out a special time during the week for extracurricular activities (pool, golf, trip, etc.) and plan your work week accordingly.  Maybe for some that looks like working ahead or working harder/longer hours during the week to have a work-free weekend or working a half day during the week.
  4. Don’t fill up your weekend with household chores.  Try to schedule these chores during the week, or have a set and limited time during the weekend to work on them.  Filling up your free time with household chores is a sure-fire way to kill your motivation during the week! Get out and enjoy the weather while it lasts and save time for having a bit of fun.

Hopefully these basic tips will help to motivate you and keep you on track this summer! Let us know how we can help your small business at the Buttonwood Business Center this summer!