Tips to Get Started Building Your Own Website

We’ve written before on why it is so important for your small business to have a website.

But if you’re just starting out and don’t have much in the way of funds, having a custom-made website may just be out of the question.

The good news? There are lots of resources for building your own website.  As daunting as that may sound, creating your own website has only gotten easier over the last several years.  There are countless websites filled with website themes compatible with WordPress that you can customize to your specifications.  And they don’t cost an arm and a leg! Many of these website themes also come with great technical support from the author of the themes and tutorials (both written and video) if you should ever run into a problem. Not to mention, we also live in the age of YouTube, making it even more possible to DIY your website with the help of those who have gone before you.

Where can you start?

You can find themes directly on WordPress or for another example, Themeforest.  We would suggest you write a list of features or appearance specifications you want for your website to help narrow it down.

You will also need to find a host for your website.  GoDaddy is a popular one, or here is a list of additional hosts you can consider. Also, don’t forget to purchase your domain! Many hosting sites and WordPress offer a free domain with their services.

If you’re interested in creating a WordPress website (popular because of its easy to use interface), here is a great place to start with step-by-step prompts to help you get it done.

The whole process may still seem daunting, but there are SO many helpful resources that will make the job of creating your own website easier than it may seem. Happy “DIY”ing!