The Home Office From Hell Cure

Jeffrey A. Landers

If you operate a homebased business, you are probably ready to say something like, “Now, hold on there, buddy…my home office isn’t so bad.” Make no mistake – your clients only know what they see and hear from you. If they see that you have no place to meet them but Starbucks, they won’t take you seriously.

The Ten Signs You’ve Got a Home Office From Hell.

If any of this sounds even vaguely familiar, you may have a Home Office From Hell.

Sign number 10: “I want to hire an assistant, but we’d have to share a chair.”

Sign number 9: “My husband thinks I need to get a real job.”

Sign number 8: “My friends think that working at home means I never miss Days of Our Lives.”

Sign number 7: “Starbucks is starting to encroach on my profits.”

Sign number 6: “I realized today at 4 p.m. that I was still wearing pajamas.”

Sign number 5: “I could die here and no one would ever know.”

Sign number 4: “Why did God invent Oprah? How are we supposed to work when Oprah is on?”

Sign number 3: “No, the baby doesn’t go in the playpen. Important papers go in there so the baby can’t get at them.”

Sign number 2: “I feel like I live at the office…wait! I do!”

Sign number 1: “Since you’re home all day anyway, I need a favor…”