Welcome to our new Marketing Director!

Katie McCune

You will see another new face at Buttonwood Business Center on occasion.  Katie McCune is our new Marketing Director.  She is excited to help connect new businesses to what Buttonwood has to offer through social media and other marketing techniques.  She also looks forward to not only helping Buttonwood reach its full potential as a business, but also help new businesses reach their  potential in an ever changing economic climate.

Katie will be working mostly from home, but you are sure to see her in the business center working closely with Pati on a weekly basis.

Want to know more about Katie?

Katie is a Columbia native and loves all that this wonderful city has to offer.  She especially loves the unique arts community in the District and the focus on fitness that Columbia has.  Katie is an avid runner and has completed one marathon and hopes to run many more.  She loves taking care of her 1 year old son and spending time with her husband.  Katie is passionate about raising a healthy family and loves to exercise her creative mind through art, home decor, and graphic design.