What is a Virtual Office Anyway?

Many of you may have seen or heard of a virtual office.  You may nod your head and pretend you know what it is, but in all reality, do you really know what it is?


We throw around this idea of a virtual office, and you may think, well, my house is my “virtual office” because I have an internet based business, or I work from home, so I’m kind of like a virtual office, right?

Let me take a few moments to explain to you what a virtual office is.

A virtual office is having a place you can call an office without actually having to work there.  What you typically get with a virtual office is:

1. A reputable business mailing address that isn’t your home address and mailing services to handle the mail that gets sent to you there.

2. A virtual receptionist to answer your calls in your company name without you actually having to answer the phone every time- aka never miss a phone call again!!!


3. A designated, professional place to meet with your clients.  Most virtual office plans give their clients special access to professional meeting rooms or offices, so that if on occasion, you must meet with a customer, you can do so in a quiet professional setting that isn’t Starbucks. Day Office 2 

Now, you may be asking yourself, why would my business need these things? I’m getting along fine (or at least seemingly so). Well, first of all

1. Having a reputable business address is a great way to make your business more competitive in the marketplace.  People can look at your address and see you are “located” in an established place and not just working from your home. Plus your home mail won’t be bogged down with business mail- you can keep it separate.  Or, let’s say you are a business based in another town but want a presence in a nearby area.  You can do so by having a mailing address for the nearby area you want to have a presence in without actually having an office there- so much more cost effective!

2. A virtual receptionist, or telephone answering service, is another great bonus to boosting your credibility as a small business.  If you have an official receptionist answering your business phone, you will seem much larger and more established as a business.  Plus you don’t have to worry any longer about missing key phone calls. Additionally, if you are getting a large volume of calls, you can focus on other things aside from answering the phone all day.

3. Professional meeting rooms are key for portraying that professional image we all seek as a business.  Give your customers the quiet, professional experience in a meeting room rather than a coffee shop.  Plus, if you are a lawyer or accountant, financial planner or counselor, you need to provide your clients with privacy.  Having a professional place to bring your clients (without having to pay for an office space every day) is a great way to do so if you are only meeting on occasion.

Do you now feel enlightened? Do you think a virtual office can help your business? Inquire with Buttonwood Business Center today to learn more!