What Kind of Home-Based Entrepreneur Are You?

What kind of home-based entrepreneur are you?


The Home Office From Hell Cure by Jeffrey A. Landers is a great resource for home-based businesses on how to become more successful.  In this day and age, there are so many obstacles that home-based entrepreneurs face.  Just to name a few, these obstacles include, but are certainly not limited to, separating work from home, managing the kids while working, facebook and other social media time sucks, lack of motivation, momentum, and accountability, etc.

Landers talks about two different kinds of home-based entrepreneurs: the “Growth Mavens” and the “Lifestyle Gurus.” “Growth Mavens,” as he puts it, are home-based business entrepreneurs who “want to build their own small empire and need to move into a ‘real’ office space and start hiring staff.”  Landers describes “Lifestyle Gurus” as those who “want to remain at home and work in their pajamas while still making a comfortable six-figure income.”

So what kind of entrepreneur are you? Do you desire to climb to the top and dream of having a large company with lots of employees working for you? Or do you dream of keeping your business small and doing what you love from home so you can still maintain the flexibility that comes with a home-based business?

No matter what your dreams are, Buttonwood Business Center can help both the “Growth Mavens” and the “Lifestyle Gurus” reach their dreams.  For you “Growth Mavens,” our Executive Offices are the perfect next step for you in establishing a real office space without all the overhead of hiring a staff to maintain it.  “Lifestyle Gurus” can delight in our Virtual Offices that help home-based businesses seem more established and larger by having a virtual receptionist to answer your calls and a professional place to meet with clients. Let Buttonwood Business Center meet your business needs, no matter what next step you are wanting to take.