Why Virtual Receptionists are Great for Growing Your Business.


Here is a great article really explaining the benefits of having a virtual receptionist for your business.  If you or your business are not ready for the full overhead of hiring a full time personal receptionist, a virtual receptionist is a great option to provide the credibility and customer relations that your business needs.

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“How a Virtual Receptionist Helps You Close More Sales” by Peter Chenn, 06/30/2013.  StartupNation: Rock Your Business.


“Quality client relationships fuel company growth. Many factors contribute to the making of great business relationships, and, subsequently, great sales. And among them is a great person to greet incoming callers.

What’s required in a great receptionist? Bright presence. What’s less mandatory? Physical presence.

A great receptionist is genuine, personable, professional and helpful. And a great receptionist can offer all of these qualities without being physically located in your office, ultimately saving you money and supporting your bottom line.

A virtual receptionist service can keep friendly interactions alive and well in an increasingly digitized business environment. Using the most advanced technologies available to perpetuate meaningful connections — rather than sacrifice them — virtual receptionist services prove that phone support can be authentic and remote and high-tech and personalized. Utilizing the convenience and cost-efficiency of advancing technologies, such as offsite receptionist support, doesn’t have to mean trading the human essence of meaningful business relationships —connections that, as we well know, can make or break a company.

A receptionist often gives callers — or potential new clients — their first impression of a company. A great first impression gives callers a sense of security and trust, both of which are the foundation of any quality relationship. Quality relationships enhance the image of your business; great virtual receptionists help create and sustain your image and brand. A great virtual receptionist understands that every call counts and knows to treat each caller with warm, personalized care, always avoiding negative or commanding phrases such as:

  • I don’t know.
  • He/she is unavailable.
  • You’ll have to…

Instead, a great virtual receptionist smiles often — smiles can be felt, even from afar — and is in the habit of using positive, helpful phrases such as:

  • I’d be happy to find out!
  • He/she is in a meeting at the moment, but would be delighted to return your call!
  • I’d be happy to have a salesperson give you that information. Will that work for you?

A great virtual receptionist also prevents you from missing important calls. With state-of-the-art technology at their fingertips such as an iPhone app, employees can customize their call-handling preferences on the fly. The virtual receptionist can then transfer calls to wherever they are, whether they’re working at home, at a neighborhood café, or getting some fresh air at a city park on a sunny day. Your business’ image need not suffer and your employees can work wherever they like without missing calls!

A great virtual receptionist also supports you in increasing your client responsiveness and helpfulness. You can supply your live receptionist service with a plethora of company and service information that can then be passed onto callers, clients and potential new clients. A friendly remote receptionist will answer frequently asked questions (e.g., verifying your mailing address or fax number) when you’re in a meeting or away from the phone. You can focus on your work without worry, and callers with simple questions don’t have to wait!

Our world is becoming more virtual and wired. But that doesn’t have to mean lost relationships. Quality virtual receptionist support can actually use advancing technologies to perpetuate meaningful relationships, thereby assisting in your business growth.”